PRIMARY school pupils have been getting a helping hand from BAE Systems Submarines.

Children across South Cumbria are being assisted with learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

The Barrow shipyard has provided schools with resources including:

• Engineering Fairytales – where children use basic engineering principles to solve problems posed in the form of fairytales

• Lego robots – which can be built and programmed

• Circuit Scribe sets – which help children learn about electrical circuits through use of conductive ink

Sam Procter, Year 5/6 teacher at Lindal and Marton Primary School, said: "The STEM resources, provided by BAE Systems, provide valuable learning experiences that the children thoroughly enjoy."

Leading the STEM support from BAE Systems, Amy Lamph said: "In normal times we would have STEM Ambassadors from the shipyard going into schools to provide workshops. While that has not been possible we've been able to link up with partners to provide materials that the schools can use themselves."