SHOCKING figures show that deaths from causes other than Covid-19 are rocketing during the pandemic.

Deaths from diabetes are up 86 per cent; Parkinson’s Disease up 79 per cent; Cancer up 53 per cent; Breast cancer up 47 per cent; Bowel cancer up 46 per cent and deaths among women with Dementia has gone up 75 per cent.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics for March to September reveal that almost 1,000 deaths per week are being recorded from non-Covid 19 causes - up by 26,000 on the same period last year.

This illustrates that, due to 20 years of deep cuts in the NHS, the service has been completely overwhelmed by the pandemic.

There are vacancies for 100,000 Nurses - at a conservative estimate, small “c” - and scores of hospitals and clinics have been closed by the Tories and Labour over the past 20 years.

All of these swingeing cuts to an essential service are now coming home to roost during the pandemic.

The health of the people should not be a source of profit to capitalist parasites as it is under the Tories today.

James Roberts