Dear editor,

Throughout the pandemic, the NSPCC and Childline have remained on the frontline for children when they need us most.

We can’t do that without your help, and we know our supporters are always looking for new ways to raise funds for us.

Since Halloween is coming up, we’ve thought up a couple of ways you and your families could help us this half term.

For example, a pumpkin carving contest with friends and neighbours is a good chance to get creative - you could ask for a small donation to the NSPCC to enter, and display each of the competitors where passers-by can see them.

If you’re doing it virtually, you can host the competition over video chat instead, and share your pumpkin pictures on social media.

Alternatively, you can organise a Halloween-themed quiz night or baking competition for friends and family.

You could ask for a small donation to take part – just £4 pays for one of our Childline counsellors to answer a contact from a young person in need.

And if you’re feeling much braver than that, you could ask people to sponsor you to dye your hair green or perhaps face a public sliming in return for donations to support children and young people across the country.

We’d be delighted if you were able to support us this half term, especially if you’re having some Halloween fun at the same time – but however you choose to fundraise this year, please remember to follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing.

Sandra Jones, NSPCC Community Fundraising Manager for Cumbria