READERS are reacting to news that food lovers could be indulging on burgers sooner than they think as work progresses on a new restaurant.

Construction work is well under way on transforming the former Frankie and Benny’s building in Barrow’s Hindpool Retail Park into a new branch of Burger King.

Here's what our readers had to say.

Kelsey Griffiths said: "I am happy to see things still opening in the town. It gives hope creating jobs and whether we like it or not we need the jobs and people will use the place. It's one industry that's booming in the pandemic - takeaways."

Daniel Graham said: "Like Barrow doesn’t have enough Whoppers."

Lee Mcgill said: "Don't see point in bringing one back when the other shut down and do we need anymore takeaways?"

Sarah Jackson said: "I might go once the novelty has worn off as I do enjoy a bean burger and the kids enjoy their chicken but I won’t be getting in any ridiculous queue."

Nicola Irwin said: "I remember when it used to be in Barrow, wonder why is shut down in the first place."

Nicola Rees said: "I don’t know why they don’t open that bit that’s fenced off next to Costa. Then people can escape out the back onto Duke Street. Less congestion then on Hindpool Road."

John Price said: "Burger King is crap now not like it used to be, rather have three double cheese burgers from McDonald's."

Kyle Jordan Thompson said: "They need to open up the block in-between DFS and the Range and make that a one way to fix gridlock."

Mandy Major said: "Typical of Barrow Council to not think it through - it will be a nightmare."

Lee Johnston said: "I don't think it will make that much difference to a main roundabout into the town which has an industrial estate, two drive throughs, and two sets of traffic lights on the other exits of it! Instead of being a roundabout it will double up as a new parking lot with traffic backed up past Asda and beyond!"

Tracy Garnett said: "Oh my God will we be able to get around the roundabout it's already blocked every lunchtime especially at the weekend!"

Adam David Parkinson said: "Oneway in, one way out. The main entrance to the car park for Costa, Next etc... It will be gridlock at peak times."