A PREMATURE baby has come home and met her siblings for the first time after more than a 100 days in hospital.

Beth and Rory Olliver were ‘over the moon’ when they were able to bring their little miracle Rubie home from the hospital.

After 117 days in various hospitals, Rubie was finally able to come home and meet her eager awaiting siblings, seven-year-old Noah and one-year-old Amelia.

“They were both over the moon to finally meet their little sister,” Mrs Olliver said.

“My daughter was so happy and kept looking at her saying ‘is she here?’

“Noah cried he was so happy and Amelia kept shouting her name.

“It was just amazing seeing the kids together. We’re on cloud nine. We’re enjoying every moment with Rubie and can’t quite believe she is at home.We count our blessing everyday.”

Mrs Olliver, a key worker from Barrow, caught Covid-19 whilst she was 16 weeks pregnant, which she believes led to her waters breaking prematurely at just 20 weeks pregnant.

Despite this, Mrs Olliver did not go into labour for another month.

The 26-year-old was then admitted to hospital at 24 weeks where Rubie Mae Olliver was born via c-section, at just 730 grams.

Since her birth, Rubie has undergone two operations, 11 blood transfusions, chronic lung disease, battled sepsis and more.

Most recently, Rubie underwent eye surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to help save her sight.

Mrs Olliver said: “It was extremely scary being at Great Ormond - it was full of extremely ill children, some of whom weren’t coming home, so we felt very fortunate that Rubie was coming home eventually. We won’t know for a while now if Rubie’s eyes have healed properly. Hopefully she will have some vision but, if not, we’ll adapt as a family.

“We don’t know any certain answers about Rubie’s future but we’re taking whatever life throws at us.

“We know she could have bleeds on the brain and cerebral palsy but we’re trying to give her the best outcome in life possible.”

Mrs Olliver said they would not have been able to bring Rubie home without the ‘amazing’ help and support of hospital staff.

“We can’t thank everyone enough - the Special Care Baby Unit in Barrow, the staff in Burnley and Great Ormond - Rubie wouldn’t be where she is without them," she said.

“They don’t get enough credit - they’re all heroes in my eyes and I can’t thank them enough.

“We want to give hope to other parents who have premature babies never to give up.”