DISCARDED fireworks sparked a blaze forcing firefighters to issue a plea to Barrovians to be responsible in the run up to Bonfire Night.

Firefighters were called to Roanhead Car Park after the bin and footpath area was set alight.

After investigating the cause of the fire, crews found leftover spent fireworks were to blame.

The Mail:

Roger Exley, Barrow Fire Station manager, said: “As far as I am aware, it was caused by discarded fireworks which the team found by the bin area of the car park.

“We have spoken to members of the public, and they told us that they had seen fireworks being let off in the area during the evening.

“The box of fireworks could have been used and then not properly disposed of by the bin area or this could have been a deliberate act.”

Firefighters were called out to the fire around 10.30pm on Sunday.

As a result of the fire, the boardwalk, which allows people to access Roanhead Beach from the car park, was severely damaged due to the fire.

The Mail:

In addition to this, the bin area has been severely burnt.

He said: "There is a walkway where people can go from the car park to the shore that has been heavily damaged.

“It will be difficult for people to access it now. In particular, people who are in wheelchairs will not be able to use it after this.”

The Mail:

As Coronavirus restrictions force many public Bonfire Night fireworks events to be cancelled, Mr Exley described just how dangerous fireworks can be if they are not disposed of properly.

The Mail:

He said: “We are advising people to be extra careful this year. Fireworks can cause serious harm if people are not used to them. Once a firework has been lit, do not go back to it. After they have gone out, place the firework in a metal container full of water or sand.

“Make sure they are fully disposed of because this fire just shows what damage discarded fireworks can do.”