WITH Hallowe'en right round the corner these are some of the shops that have stood out for fancy dress and spooky decorations this year.

1. Buildabundle Ltd, Barrow.

A popular business for kids clothing, which was also featured in The Guardian newspaper. Buildabundle has been noted for not only providing high quality kids clothes but also having a variety of Hallowe'en costumes and fancy-dress items on offer.

Reviewer Jennie Francis said: "It's a place ran by a real mum who just want to help other mums get lovely clothes for their children at a great price."

2. Gas Bagz & Balloonz, Barrow.

The ideal place to get your decorations this Hallowe’en.

Reviewer Bethany Troddan said: “Customer service are amazing Dawn and Claire are always bubbly and go out their way to go the extra mile.”

3. Cancer Research UK, Barrow.

This charity shop was notified for being able to get its hands on some pretty spooky outfits for the season.

Online reviewer Samantha Daniels said: “A love little place and so easy to get to for us. Staff are so nice to the kids when we’re in there.”

4. Next, Kendal.

Another super chain that has is a great option for outfits this year, with reviewers highlighting its wide range of items.

Reviewer Noel Peters said: “We got three sets of costumes for the kids and at a better price than most places you’ll find. Give it a go.”

5. Oxfam, Kendal.

A humble charity shop that is good for mixing and matching pieces of costumes.

Reviewer Ann Deary said: “We got last year’s zombies’ outfits from here. We got make up and cute little shirts that we got to customise ourselves.”

6. British Heart Foundation, Barrow.

Charity shops are showing themselves to be the ideal places for Hallowe’en outfits, gifts, and decorations.

Reviewer: Julie Stockton said: “Last year they put on a really nice collection of fancy-dress packets for the kids."

7. Argos, Barrow.

This year, the respect supermarket chain has been praised for the wide range of fancy-dress costumes.

Reviewer David Clark said: “Definitely the place to gets outfits from online. When it was open the staff were very friendly.”

8. Matalan, Barrow.

Praised for its range of Hallowe'en outfits for kids, the Matalan shop has all you need this year, including a number of superhero outfits.

John Waterson said: "Got some great bits and bobs from them this year."

9. ASDA, Barrow.

Reviewer Mike Browning said: "I always come here for outfits for the kids. They're the best around. Nowhere else you really need."