A POSTMISTRESS from Barrow has gone above and beyond to keep her post office running single handed despite the difficulties caused by the lockdown.

Marianne Livesey, 40, saw queues amassing outside her shop on Risedale Road that were the length of the street after having to furlough her staff.

She has worked for the Post Office for 21 years.

Our readers came out en masse in support of her. This is what they said:

Autumn Adams said: "She’s lovely, does an amazing job dealing with all of the queues and the people, cannot fault her. Marianne does an amazing job."

Marianne Rowan said: "I remember her from Risedale post office. Lovely and very friendly and then very young."

Sandra Brown said: "Best Postmistress with the right attitude and personality. We miss her at Mill Lane, Walney."

Stephanie Towers said: "You are a wonderful lady and an asset to our community. Thank you, you are always smiling and happy to help."

Milania Mason said: "Lovely woman goes above and beyond to help people, she’s amazing."

Jackie Cole said: "Fabulous service at this post office I know longer go anywhere else! Nothing too much trouble."

Win O'Malley said: "I won’t go anywhere else and happy to stand in a long queue, a lovely lady, polite and friendly."

Sue Raven said: "Lovely service from Marianne every time I go to her post office."

Anne Walker said: "Marianne has done a fantastic job, but this is no different to what she always does. Well done Marianne."