CALLS have been made to install security cameras outside empty shops to prevent vandalism.

Barrow BID has put forward a proposal to fund five or six CCTV cameras outside of vacant shops in Barrow town centre.

The plans come after a number of vacant buildings in the town centre have been targeted, including the former Thorntons Cafe and Lakeland Dry Cleaning shop.

Our readers gave their thoughts on this issue:

Zirvana Smith said: “If they work! What an absolute joke!”

Hope Shiloh said: “A campaign was set up in August to increase lighting, CCTV and security measures in parks following incidences of sexual assault within our parks - primarily that in Vickerstown and Barrow.

"At the time councillors spoke about how it was ‘costly’ and ‘expensive’ and how people did not like their rights being infringed.

" Comments on social media largely agreed that CCTV would do nothing to deter sexual offenders from offending within parks and other public spaces, nor that it would support prosecutions.

"This email is from Simon Fells office, dated the September 4, two weeks after this was raised with him.

"Since then it has been silence.”

Phil Atkinson said: “Why don’t they just put cameras either end of the road? Much cheaper way to go.”

Stephen Snell said: “Last time CCTV was operational there, police were never available. So who’s going to operate it and will police attend if called?”

Sam Standish said: “I thought the whole of the town centre was covered by CCTV already?”

Ray Guselli said: “It is a sad sign of the times that such security is required.”

Steven Whyte said: “No point in having cameras if there isn’t anyone manning them.”

Robert Sewell said: “Options either lower rent so people will fill the stores and install their own cameras, or demolish Dalton Road and Portland walk.”