ULVERSTON Market Hall’s toilets could soon re-open after the town council agreed to temporarily support funding for the cleaning of the facilities.

Ulverston Town Council announced its decision on October 20, saying it would provide the support “at least until 31 March 2021 when it is hoped that Ulverston Community Enterprises may be able to take this on again.”

Ulverston Community Enterprises - the not-for-profit organisation that manages the Market Hall and the Coronation Hall, said they had discussed the idea with the town council because of the financial difficulties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, reasoning that the toilets benefit the entire community.

“We have always just cleaned the toilet but Ulverston Community Enterprises is under some constraint at the moment because of Coronavirus,” said Ceri Hutton, chair of Ulverston Community Enterprises.

“Because we manage the Coronation Hall and the Market Hall.

“We discussed this with Ulverston Town Council and said that the toilets, as they are something for the whole community, could the council make a short term contribution for the good of the whole town?”

Ms Hutton expressed her delight that the council agreed to the suggestion.

“We are delighted that Ulverston Town Council is supporting the cleaning of these toilets in the short term for the good of the town,” she said.

However, it is not yet known when exactly the toilets will open again to the public.

“We are still arranging the logistics,” said Beth Kennedy, director of Ulverston Community Enterprises.

“The town council only made a decision this week so it is very new.

“A decision has been made, which we are really pleased about because we can get the public toilets open.

“Which is something everyone wants to do so there is more access for people.

“But I haven’t met with the town council yet to discuss the practicalities.

“It will be soon.”