CALLS have been made to reduce the cost of parking in Barrow to attract more people to the town.

Barrow BID has described parking in Barrow town centre as a ‘major issue’ and has identified key areas to improve.

This is what our readers had to say about the BID's plans:

David Pratt said: I have always thought that Barrovians should not have to pay to park in their own town. After all, their community charge paid for them to be built in the first place. Visitors yes, locals no. That would encourage people to go into the town centre. A pass in a car window could be supplied to locals. OK it is up to abuse, but could well work for the good of the town.

Brian Boyd said: It is great that car parking is being addressed. It must be welcomed as the first step in bringing shoppers to the town. I support the 'Shop Barrow Day' initiative, but I would propose a Shop Barrow month based on the success of the 'Day'.

John Carswell said: As a frequent visitor to Furness I can honestly say parking is not the reason I don’t shop in town very often it’s because there is very little I want to buy from what shops there are.

Dawn Mckellar said: It's a bit late now, most of the shops have already closed down.

Barrie Hetherington said: Don't think free parking would make any difference whatsoever. That would be taken up by people who work in the town shops, as they would no longer need to trudge for a bus, or park on the outskirts and walk the rest of the way. Also, if you were to make all car parks free, then the town hall one would be full of BAE workers who would only have to "nip" across the bridge to work, or go in via the entrance behind B&Q, unless they introduced a maximum stay time, and it was properly patrolled by the local wardens.

Tony Moon They need to be free Again to stop cross contamination of Covid-19 on the paying machines.

Graham Sturgeon said: I’ve just been to town. Cold and not nice shopping centre like other places. Had to pay to park. Got soaking wet. A large number of shops are rate free charity shops and then you have to stand behind some moaning old biddie for 7 minutes while she moans at the 18 year old shop assistant about how they have placed things too close to the point of sale and are cheaper online.

Andy Dufrane said: Town centre is third world.