HEALTH Secretary Matt Hancock has urged people in Barrow to follow new coronavirus restrictions by not travelling to Ulverston to mix with other households.

Matt Hancock made the statement in response to a question from Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell following concerns that residents in Barrow have been travelling to Ulverston to visit pubs with friends.

Under Tier 2 lockdown restrictions for the Barrow borough, residents must not mix with people from other households socially inside. This applies when residents travel outside the borough.

This is what our readers had to say about Matt Hancock's comments:

Lorna Jenkinson said: Maybe, if people wear the masks correctly. use them, and washed their hands as well as closing the pubs early and have curfews correct social distancing. Everyone is important, this is serious and it is life or death.

Isabel Andrews said: Ulverston are no better than Barrow and should be included in the same lockdown rules.

Margaret Akrigg said: If we all followed the rules to keep ourselves safe instead of calling other people there would be no need for this.

David McKenzie said: As usual, politicians trying to confuse people mixing statutory provisions with guidance. (It’s not unlawful for six family members from Barrow (Tier 2) to visit indoor pub in Ulverston (Tier 1).

Sheila Hindson said: A lot of people won't do what their parents say never mind the Government. They see them as the enemy.

Karen Dawson said: Barrow is obviously going to be higher than the surrounding areas because of Furness General Hospital's cases being counted as Barrow, unless no one from anywhere else is in hospital.

Janice Braithwaite said: So if a Tier 2 or 3 place of work closes and you live in Tier 1 you're still out of work although you live in a Tier 1 area. So these people rely on jobs in other towns but apparently don't need Tier 2 or 3 towns to boost their economy, what's the difference if guidance is being followed.

Dan Martin said: But if they are wearing masks, what's the problem? Masks work, right?

Anthea Stephenson said: So what are the rules on Tier 3 people coming to the lakes holiday cottages over half term? They’re still coming regardless!

Chrissy Muldoonsmith said: Remember we are all in this together.

Greg Rose said: But we're still allowed to work alongside work colleagues from Ulverston, but not nip down the pub with them for a pint after work, despite both the pub and workplace following Covid guidelines.

Christine Rowan said: Lets just follow the rules and hopefully we get back to Tier 1.