HUNGRY fish and chip lovers have been going dotty for Dotties' mammoth eating challenge.

So far a number of eager challengers have stepped up to the plate - but it is yet to be beaten.

Ran by Joe Moyes, 29, and his fiancee Lindsey Britton, 24, Dotties Traditional Fish and Chips is the newest addition to the Millom neighbourhood.

The chip shop has already made it's mark with it's unique Man vs Food challenge and beautiful interior that diners can sit in whilst tucking in to their meals.

The feast includes 1lb of fish, 1lb of Cumberland sausage, a battered jumbo sausage, two small sausages, a giant fishcake, eight onion rings, an extra, extra large portion of chips, a large portion of peas, a large portion of curry, a can of pop and a side of bread for good measure.

The closest to completing the meal so far was Kian McPherson, who devoured two thirds of the tray.

The meal sets back diners £25, but if they complete the meal they get their money back.

Upon completing the challenge, they will also be awarded a Dotties Traditional Fish and Chips t-shirt emblazoned with 'I smashed it'.

Self employed carpenter and joiner Joe said: "We have more people lined up to try it over the next few weekends.

"We don't make any money doing it, but it's more for the fun. It's something different and it's good to have fun with things.

"My other half works there and I do the business side of it, and I wanted to have a bit of a personal connection to the business and this was my way of having my own little spin on it."

The business ran by the parents of two has seen great success since it opened and has seen huge levels of support from everyone in the Millom community.

"It's been overwhelming if I'm honest," said Joe.

"I knew that there was a gap in the market so that's why I did it, and I always knew that it would be alright but I didn't ever think that it would be as good as it has been especially in the current climate. I can only imagine in Summer we'll be extremely busy. We've just started taking phone orders now and we are hoping to introduce delivery soon."

To take on the challenge, or if you fancy something smaller, drop into Dotties on Wellington Street or call: 01229 773352.