THE last six months have led to many changes in our lives.

From all non-essential shops being forced to close to being banned from seeing our loved ones, it's safe to say it's been a very strange and confusing time.

But one constant has been the ever-important role of the emergency services.

From police dealing with rule breakers to paramedics risking their lives to treat patients, every single one of them has gone above and beyond in our national time of crisis.

And that includes our firefighters too.

Not only do crews put out fires, they are on hand at car crashes and even animal rescues.

They are busy enough to not have to deal with hoax callers.

Barrow Fire Station manager Roger Exley has warned the public that hoax calls could result in fines or a custodial sentence after a fake caller wasted emergency resources.

A young caller made a ‘malicious call’ to Barrow fire crews - as they were dealing with a genuine emergency - about a 'fire' at a property.

The call was traced to his home address via the landline phone that was used to dial 999.

Diverting resources away to hoax calls can cost lives.

Let's hope the parents of the child involved have some stern words with them.