A TALENTED Barrow artist has hit new heights after designing the latest box for beauty item subscription service Glossybox.

The two covers designed by 24-year-old Sarah Jane Docker, who has been drawing for the majority of her life, have a mysterious quality to them, just in time for Halloween.

Glossybox is a company that ships a number of beauty products each month to customers, arriving in a new quirky box or tin each time.

Sarah said: “I’ve been a full-time self employed illustrator since early 2019, but before that I worked in-house in a studio illustrating children’s books and designing toys.

“This was a couple of years after graduating from university, but I have been drawing and making little books for as long as I can remember.

“I still have one from when I was seven-years-old.”

The latest Glossybox design has seen glowing reviews online, and quickly sold out on the company’s website.

Sarah said: “It’s been amazing. I’m so happy that it sold out and it was such a fun brief to work on.

“It is surreal seeing my work being reviewed by beauty Youtubers in places like America and Germany, as well as the UK.

“I feel like I have a bit of Imposter Syndrome - hopefully I can work with Glossybox again.”

Speaking about what inspired her design, Sarah said: “I was asked to illustrate on the theme of ‘fantasy book covers’, and the brand provided some mood boards and inspiration.

“I then looked at loads of old, traditional book cover illustrations, such as Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol.

“I’ve always adored old gilded books so had so much inspirations already.

“Then I sketched up I think eight-10 designs and we refined them from there into the two you see in production."

Sarah is now open for Christmas commissions, and you can find how to contact her on her website at: www.sarahjanedocker.com

Sarah can also be found on Instagram at: @sarahjdocker, or on Facebook at: ‘Sarah Jane Docker Illustration’.