A MUM is calling for a ban on lollipops this Hallowe'en after her four-year-old daughter was prevented from choking by her quick thinking nan and paramedics.

Little Maryellen Barker was enjoying a sweet treat while sat with her mum Caroline when it became lodged in her throat.

The Mail:

Instantly panicking the youngster, a pupil at Parkside Academy Nursery began to tap her mum for help while struggling to catch her breath.

Reliving the ordeal Mrs Barker, said: “You hear stories about choking, but you don’t ever think that it will happen to you.

“She wasn’t running around, she was just sat next to me on the sofa and it had come off the stick and had gone down the wrong way.

The Mail:

“I slapped her on the back but I couldn’t get it up so I panicked more and my mum took over while I called the paramedics.

“The ambulance was there within minutes and the medics were fantastic with her."

The Barrow Borough Council worker said she was grateful her mum Jane Barker was onhand to help out.

She said: "We had made a support bubble with my mum and dad and so on a Sunday we go and visit them. I was very lucky that we were at their house because my mum knew exactly what to do.

The Mail:

“My mum is a carer now so she knows first aid, and I’ve seen bits on children’s first aid online but when it actually happens, as a parent you kind of panic.

“I had hit her a couple of times and it hadn’t come up so luckily we were in our support bubble otherwise I think it would have been a different story.

“She jumped in really quick and was able to get it down.”

As Hallowe'en fast approaches, the mum-of-two who lives in Kent Street, Barrow warned fellow parents of the dangers and urged them to follow her in banning lollipops.

Mrs Barker said: "Maryellen’s had lollipops before and has been fine, but please just don’t risk giving your children them.

“I'd urge people not to give out lollipops on Hallowe'en, I know that it will be different this year but if they are out walking with one and it’s going to be dark, it’s just not worth the risk. They are banned in our house now.

“Maryellen has a few bruises on her back from where we slapped her and a sore throat but those injuries will heal. The paramedics said it doesn’t matter about that, it could have been a completely different story.

Maryellen’s eight-year-old brother Oliver, who attends Parkside Academy, witnessed to the ordeal.

Mrs Barker said: “He was in the room with us and he panicked and was crying. That night they were both saying ‘I can’t get to sleep’ and ‘I can’t stop thinking about it’, but Oliver was very brave and he helped her through it.”

The family sent chocolates and a card to Christopher and Tink, the paramedics who helped Maryellen.

For advice on what you should do when a child is choking, visit www.sja.org.uk