BRAZEN thieves were caught on camera stealing crates of beer from a town shop.

Bosses of Bargain Booze, on Wellington Street in Millom, have shared security footage of two thieves dressed in black hoodies taking two crates of alcohol from the shop.

CCTV footage captures the thieves entering the shop before grabbing two crates of beer and sprinting out the door.

Paul Hunt, owner of Bargain Booze for six years, said the theft had left him ‘very disheartened’.

He said: “It seems to be youths in general taking advantage of a local shop.

“They were caught in the act and a staff member actually chased them out and onto the street but they were able to get away.

“I don’t think I’m the only one this is happening to so there clearly needs to be something done about it.

“It impacts everything. We buy the stock so it’s like giving it away and impacts everything from staff pay rises, pension schemes and charity support.”

Mr Hunt said parents should be monitoring their children’s behaviour.

“Parents shouldn’t be letting them do this,” he said.

“They need to know right from wrong and that you shouldn’t do that to anybody.”

Due to the spate of thefts, Mr Hunt is installing dozens of new cameras into the store.

“We’re having 26 cameras put up in the store,” he said.

“Whether that’s a deterrent or not I don’t know but I’m hoping the behaviour stops.”

Bargains Booze is currently undergoing a £125,000 extension into the newsagents next door to create a large convenience store.

Mr Hunt said: “Plans for this extension have been in the pipeline for 12 months but if thieves carry on targeting the store, it will impact the plans.”

Mr Hunt also sponsors a number of sports teams in the town, which he said will also be affected if the brazen behaviour continues.

He said: “I sponsor Millom football teams, Millom Rugby Club, plus the three divisions of the Furness Premier League, alongside other football clubs in other areas of Cumbria.

“However if the thefts continue at this rate I’ll have little choice but to lower the level of my support. I can’t sustain the cost of the losses and sponsorship will have to lessen.”