STAFF at a Barrow doctors surgery have revealed they have been facing a tirade of abuse throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

The message of condemnation came from staff at Bridgegate Medical Centre in an online plea for the abuse to end.

Putting the rapid increase of lowered tolerance down to frustrations over ever-changing regulations, they said: “We appear to be on the receiving end of some rather rude and aggressive behaviour which is upsetting not only to the reception and administrative team, but is also being aimed at our clinicians.

“We totally understand that people are losing patience. Life is incredibly frustrating at the moment.

“However, verbal aggression will not be tolerated and arguing and being rude with the reception team is not helpful to anyone.”

The surgery has faced similar battles to many other workplaces during the pandemic.

Staff in isolation and home-working has meant fewer staff are available to answer telephone calls and queries.

This has led to staff members being verbally abused when they are able to answer calls, subject to patients venting their frustrations with waiting times.

They said: “When staff do answer and are told how long you have been waiting for the phone to be answered or how disgusted you are with the service, or how you just want to be seen by a GP, this only prolongs the call and keeps other patients waiting on the line.”

Most patients have acted with great patience and understanding, which was highlighted by the surgery.

They said: “We must all do our bit to control the virus and we are very grateful to the majority of patients who accept this way of working.”