AS the Covid rate continued to rise it became more and more apparent new stringent restrictions were needed across Barrow.

So as health secretary Matt Hancock yesterday announced he was placing the borough into Tier 2 restrictions many breathed a sigh of relief.

If we are ever going to win the war against Coronavirus we all need to do our bit.

The new restrictions will be tough but they will not last forever.

But if it means we can finally get to grips with the killer virus then it will all be worth it.

During the main lockdown our community showed amazing resilience.

It was heartwarming to see neighbours and friends rally round for the most vulnerable as well as supporting the fantastic work of the region's key workers.

While we are not quite back where we were in March we must try to foster that same community spirit.

We should all look out for the most vulnerable members of society and follow the rules as closely as possible.

While the situation may seem bleak now these restrictions should slow the virus down.

Where we can we all need to play our part in helping the community.

If you can support a local business over a national chain this will make all the difference.