A DWELLING that was left in a mess had been completely transformed by a cleaning company who have shown they are willing to go the extra mile for their customers who have fallen on tough times.

Emma-lea Dalton and her team at My Kind of Clean took on this job recently after a man who was having a tough time had let the state of his house spiral out of control.

The team were emotional at the end of the 50 hour job (just over eight hours work for six people) as they realised how this job had changed a Dalton resident's life for the better.

The Mail:

Emma-lea Dalton said: "I really hope that this will help people understand they should not be embarrassed by things like this and ask for help if needed.

"We did a site visit beforehand just to see the state that it was in.

"It had been lived in for a good few years like this without help for this elderly gentleman.

"He had hoarded quite a bit of stuff as we had two skips full.

"He had not left the house in years so we were worried whether he would be able to or not, but luckily a friend took him out for the day so we could get it done.

"What a good job the team have done though. They said it was an emotional day because they knew how this had helped change this man's life.

The Mail:

"There will be other people out there who are in a similar position, and I want them to know they should not feel embarrassed and ask for help.

"We started as a cleaners that provide extra care for our customers, so it is nice to see that highlighted.

"His friend came back and was absolutely speechless, and the woman who helps him said that he was happy with the job and got himself tucked up in his nice clean bed.

"I got a sense of pride from this as we want to go the extra mile for our customers.

"We are not just cleaners, and that is what I like to get across to the team. This is a showcase of what we are about."

The Mail:

The boss of the Cleaners in Cath Kidston, or white overalls in this case, issued a thank you to the handyman in attendance, Craig Morphett for his help with waste disposal, and Luke Armistead from Sinkfall Skips for not only arranging for one skip to be ready, but for also delivering an emergency one when the first was full within 40 minutes.

The team offer no judgement and want their customers to feel comfortable in their homes.

The Mail:

Contact them on 01229 343470 if you need their help.