NEW systems to make life easier for customers and some of the best food in the area is what is getting the public talking about this brilliant Ulverston pub.

The Mill, based on Mill Street, is one of the places to be in Ulverston whether you want a drink, a casual meal, or fine-dining.

They cater for all, with a greater emphasis now on food.

The food and beverage team, run by general manager Michelle Wood, continues to serve Cask Marque quality beer plus a wide selection of key options, wine and spirits in the three unique, refurbished bars.

Phil Simpson, director of Lancaster Brewery, which runs the pub, said: “It has been tough for staff as we have had to change things up so much.

“But I think we have found a happy median.

“We are busy at the Mill as we have started to become a food-led pub.

“We are now doing much more food than just drink compared to what we were doing in March.

“The good thing about the Mill is that we can safely get over 100 in with social distancing because of the space we have.

“We are starting a button service soon to avoid customers coming to the bar and decreasing the amount of people crossing in the pub.

“We are making sure we ask customers to do advance bookings, especially at the weekend, as we have had to make people wait who have turned up.

"This system also makes it easier for us to do track and trace.

“I know that these things can be annoying for customers but it is something we have done since we have opened following lockdown and it is working.

“We have had a clean bill of health when it comes to Covid cases.”

The Mill has recently seen the launch of a brunch menu which has some delicious options for customers to enjoy from 10.30am on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

“The brunch menu has really taken off,” Mr Simpson said.

“We have also started on our Christmas menus and table system as we continue to be asked about this, so we will be looking to announce these very soon.

“I hope that we are in a better place with Covid by the time it gets to Christmas.

“I am happy with what we have got now and The Mill is still recognisable to the one we have had before lockdown.”

He said one of the new key features to their current success is the quality of their food, and he thinks it some of the best The Mill has ever produced currently.

“The kitchen staff are enjoying showcasing their skills,” he said.

“As there was not as much of a demand for food before we didn’t do it.

"But now we have a great variety, whether people like casual dining or fine dining.”

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