‘No animal should suffer in silence’ - that is our message writes Geoffrey Dennis. chief executive of animal charity the Society For The Protection Of Animals Abroad (SPANA).

Britain is renowned as a nation of animal lovers – and many people would go to any length to ensure their precious pets are healthy and happy.

Thankfully, access to veterinary care when our companions are sick or injured is usually quick and easy – and there are more than 25,000 vets working up and down the country.

Sadly, it’s a very different story for animals in developing countries, including working animals.

A severe shortage of vet services means too many animals must endure pain and suffering without the vital care they need.

In Zimbabwe, for instance, there are only around 340 vets serving the entire country.

SPANA believes that all animals deserve the right to high quality veterinary care, including working horses, donkeys, elephants and camels, which transport goods, people and water in the world’s poorest communities. Our vets are often their only hope, providing free treatment that simply wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Please visit www.spana.org/worldanimalday and help us provide working animals overseas with the same care and compassion as our own much-loved pets here in Britain.

Geoffrey Dennis

Chief Executive, Society For The Protection Of Animals Abroad (SPANA)