Neil Probert said: "The UK is already home to two of the world's largest Tidal Power Plant projects; Swansea Bay in Wales and MeyGen in Scotland. The development of the Morecambe Bay and Duddon Estuary projects could establish the UK as a world leader in this environmentally friendly sector, creating thousands of long-term jobs and significantly reducing global warming greenhouse gas emissions and the dependence on nuclear power generation. If managed correctly, this could be a major step forward for the UK economy and the future wellbeing of the planet."

UlverstonFirst said: "Neil, fully endorse Meygen in Scotland - which is quite different technology to the NTPG tidal range plan. However, Swansea is a flawed scheme creating a tidal lagoon that will deliver low levels of power and poor value for money. Moreover, it offers no infrastructure or connectivity benefits. £40m of public money has already been wasted on this scheme and it is no nearer going ahead. In fact the UK Government has said it will not back the scheme. Morecambe Bay and the Duddon provides a much more practical application of tidal range power delivering far greater benefits."

Read my lips said: "This project has been promised for over 30 years and nothing."

Derek Walmsley said: "The proposed dual carriageway cutting across Morecambe Bay, Furness, the Duddon Estuary and up the Cumbrian cost would not only at least double this £10 billion estimate but completely undermines any claims of this being a "green" project. There would be substantial opposition to such a road in addition to environmental concerns about barrages. Road building of this magnitude is a past folly and rail is the way forward. Look at the lack of progress on a Grizebeck by-pass where the cost and impact would be a drop in the ocean compared to this proposal."

Barrow Lad said: "Sick of hearing about it."