BARROW AFC have been listed as the most loved club in League Two, according to new statistics.

Mediaworks, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, have conducted sentiment analysis across Twitter to unearth which football club is most loved across Britain.

The Mail:

Barrow may not have clinched top spot overall. That accolade went to Nottingham Forest.

However, they did finish fifth overall with an impressive sentiment score of 69.51.

The ‘Britain’s Most Loved Football Club’ analysis explored the most recent 1,000 tweets, across several club-specific hashtags.

AI technology attributed a score to each Twitter post from zero to 100, then the Mediaworks team compiled the averages to provide a final sentiment score for each of the 104 football clubs across the four English leagues and the Scottish Premiership.

The Mail:

AFC signing Bobby Burns and manager David Dunn

Barrow AFC won promotion after finishing at the top of the National league last season.

Since then it has been a turbulent time with managers and players changing around at the club just to add to the confusion that is the current climate in the UK as a whole.


The full study by Mediaworks can be found here.