Ho Ho Ho….is it that time of year all ready? A roarsome update, help us name our Capybabba and the panda-pups pop their heads out.

Where did 2020 actually go? As we approach October we are starting to feel especially festive with the launch of our 2020 Christmas celebrations. This year we proudly bring you our festive events, running on December 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 with a special breakfast session on Christmas Eve.

Choose from Breakfast, Brunch or Tea with Santa and Tales from Mrs Claus, all served in our socially distanced Tibor’s restaurant.

A tasty cold platter of goodness will be waiting for you on your reserved table when you arrive, take your seat and see what surprises are in store in your very own beautiful Wooden Keepsake Christmas Eve box whilst our elves serve your hot and warming platter and deliver your bottomless hot drinks.

Your trip also includes an encounter with Santa’s Reindeers in training and tickets to hand feed our resident Critically Endangered Kordofan Giraffes and Humboldt Penguin waddle.

A magical fireworks display (bangs removed, we don’t want to scare our residents or neighbouring pets and wildlife) completes your magical day.

Over in the Carnivore Section, African Lion Scooter continues to do well – followers will recall Scooter’s arrival from Knowsley Safari Park meaning 13-year-old Chevelle had a new housemate after the sad passing of Shikar in 2019.

We are happy to report the pair are getting on incredibly well, and Scooter is growing a lot more confident around humans too.

In our Red Panda Residence, Keeper Michael grabbed this pawesome shot of one of our newest arrivals born on July 6 - it won’t be long before these two boldly venture out into the wide world.

Earlier this week we were shocked to see how much one of this year’s Capy-babbas had grown, seemingly overnight.