Many people have been impacted financially by the Covid-19 crisis - none more so than the countries charities.

People from all works of life are facing very difficult financially situations. There are those who have lost jobs, or people who are on reduced hours that are struggling to make ends meet.

Alongside that, charities in South Cumbria and all over the UK, who rely on donations and also big fundraising events are being hit.

Many are still receiving donations from benefactors, but the situation around fundraising events is one that may not be resolved for many months.

Charities have already lost their most fruitful time of the year, summer, when a host of events in all shapes and sizes, take place to increase their coffers for the vital services they provide.

But with the new guidelines on events, and stricter rules from the Government due to the spike in Covid cases, things won't be getting better any time soon.

Many have been creative with online events, but they don't replace the sheer importance of the regular fundraisers.

There will be many people up and down the country who cannot afford to donate to charity, especially at a financial time such as this when they are struggling to make ends meet.

But there will be people who can afford to donate to charities, to keep the vital services they provide going.

If you can afford it, even just a little, please donate.