AN ‘UNSUNG hero’ who has ‘quietly worked throughout the pandemic’ has been nominated for this week’s bouquet of the week.

Helen Stanton, from Ulverston, works as a neonatal nurse at Furness General Hospital’s special care baby unit, she was nominated by friend and colleague Julie Mckenna.

Ms Mckenna has described her colleague as ‘funny’, ‘loyal’ and ‘hard working’ and said she is ‘dedicated to her job’.

“An unsung hero - working quietly throughout the pandemic,” said Ms Mckenna.

“She’s a selfless person, always thinking of others and dedicated to her job.”

Ms Mckenna has worked with her friend for over 20 years at Furness General Hospital.

“I just nominated her really because she’s a nurse and deserves some recognition and is a lovely person,” she added.

“I have worked all the way through,” said Ms Stanton.

“I’m the only one on my ward who hasn’t had to take a day off with Covid symptoms.

“I’m also the oldest who works on there,” added the 62-year-old.

Ms Stanton said on finding out she had been nominated that it was ‘very lovely’ of her friend and was very surprised.

She spoke of how it has been working on the special care baby unit during the pandemic.

Despite all the issues around Covid, she said she has felt safer at work than in a supermarket.

“It has been fine,” said Ms Stanton.

“We’ve been very lucky at Barrow because we are away from the rest of the hospital, we have a separate entrance.

“Everyone has been adhering to the restrictions.

“So I’ve felt very safe, in fact I felt more safe at work than I have in a supermarket.

“It’s been absolutely fine, no problems at all.”

The nurse said the team she works with at the hospital has worked extremely well together during the extra strains of the pandemic.

“We all work well together, so that helps,” she said.

“We are a close knit team and we all get on and we all respect each other.

“We’ve carried on with all the Government restrictions and it’s all gone well up to now.

“But of course that could all change, Covid hasn’t gone away unfortunately.”