Barrow Raiders boss Steve Neal has spoken of his disappointment after a video from inside the Raiders' beer garden went viral over the weekend.

The video, a screen recording of a video taken on Snapchat showed a number of people inside the beer tent, stood dancing during the last song of the night on Saturday.

The beer garden has opened each weekend for a number of months during the pandemic and has only had one covid-19 incident earlier this month which was dealt with swiftly, with the immediate deep cleaning of the venue.

After the incident, Cumbria County Council said that the risk to the public was low due to the outdoor setting and reasonable social distancing.

Raiders boss Steve Neale said: “It was the last song of the night and the DJ irresponsibly revved the crowd up.

“It was the last day of doing the beer garden and I am just disappointed.

“I want to give my apologies to the public.

“I am just disappointed, it is not the time or the place at the moment.

“You’ve got to be more respectful than that.”

The beer garden has now officially closed, but that has not prevented lessons being learnt.

Mr Neale said: “We have been working so hard throughout the summer and that was let go in the last five minutes.

“If we were continuing, we would have had a briefing and put right the wrongs – but as we are closing, there are just lessons learnt, but clearly mistakes have been made.”