We all have an opinion said: "Just wear a mask it's really not that hard to do, stop giving abuse to retail staff we don't make the rules."

Local dog said: "If you are so vulnerable or ignorant that you can't wear a mask from the door until you are sat down just don't go to pubs, restaurants, cafes. People are sick to death of the snowflakes who don't want to comply. Just stay at home."

cromwell58 said: "Bar watch if they cannot act in a respectable way."

Walneyidiot said: "It is not happy at mangoland."

The Salthouse Cat said: "A quote I like: "I don't trust anyone who's nice to me but rude to the waiter. Because they would treat me the same way if I were in that position." Regardless of whether you agree/disagree with the rules, please treat these hardworking people with the respect they deserve. Life is difficult enough at the moment for a lot of people, so just comply and remember to be kind."

Brian Sinclair said: "I went in the Railway yesterday and everything was fine. They couldn't do any more for me and my wife so no complaints from us."

hang em up said: "Totally agree if they don't like the rules, don't go to the pubs or cafes."

Lee Thompson said: "Don't let them get so drunk then. Fool to your own gain! Of course a drunk person will kick off. If they're already tipsy then clearly they're tanking up. And refuse them entry and nip it in the bud straight away."

Keir Lightfoot said: "Railway pub need more restrictions see how many people in there last night?"

HeheHaha..... said: "Works both ways. If you're so brainwashed you think people without a mask will kill you, YOU stay at home. Don't go to public places then complain the public are there doing what the public do. I absolutely do not condone abusing innocent staff by the way, just to be clear. Telling people with genuine disabilities they'll have to stay at home because their situation doesn't suit your opinion, is both outrageous and against discrimination laws."