PUB and cafe owners in the area have been subject to abuse when asking customers to comply with Covid-19 rules.

Establishments up and down the country have had to apply new Government rules to help curb the rise in the virus - such as table service and mask wearing, unless people are eating and drinking.

Bosses from the Hot Mango revealed that staff were left in tears after being shouted at and even pushed by customers, who refused to comply with new regulations.

A post on the cafe's Facebook page said: "Today has been awful.

“We have been laughed at, shouted at, pushed, we’ve cried and right now have no desire to go back tomorrow. “All because the government have made it mandatory to wear face coverings in a café.

“Please don’t treat us like this, we didn’t make the rules but we do have to play by them.”

Gary Wood, of the Derby Inn, in Barrow’s Dalton Road said the new rules have been met with some resistance by certain customers, but he said it was up to the customer to make sure they follow the rules.

He added: "There’s a select few people who when you ask them to follow the rules you are met with abuse.

“People have good at following the guidelines but you get the odd ones that don’t listen to you.

“It’s down to people to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to but you can’t ask for miracles.”

Under new rules announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, licensed premises must also shut their doors at 10pm, with many calling last orders at 9.30pm.

Police in Cumbria said they were no incidents outside pubs or restaurants at closing time when the new rule came into effect on Thursday night.

Officers will again be out over the weekend to make sure people were complying.

A spokesman said: “We’ll have patrols on over the weekend in helping to ensure people are aware of the regulations.

"We’ll ask people to be aware of the 10pm closing time and make sure they make prior arrangements for getting home before they go out.”