AN EX-Windermere coffee shop owner is pleading with the public to help save her precious pooch Jasper.

Elaine Jakins and her four-legged companion Jasper, although now living in Carlisle, were once a well-known sight in Windermere, with Jasper needing to walk with bandages on his feet.

Elaine said: "We are fighting with everything we have got to give our boy the life he truly deserves. We need an eye watering £20k plus to do this for him. We have already raised just over £3000.

"We knew this would be a massive mountain to climb but he is our absolute world.

"He has suffered his whole life and been in constant pain. He suffers from allergies and skin issues which effect his paws, his anal glands, his eyes and ears - he is nearly deaf - and of course his skin.

"He has borne this all with dignity. We have spent around £25k in nearly six years on vets fees, lotions, potions tablets and therapies to no avail.

"We were asked why didn't we just get him put down! We were horrified. This is not an option yet as we have found a specialist vet that can do the operations on Jasper. This will make him pain free and medication free for the first time.

"We would be able to walk him, he would be able to play and run which again this has been impossible to ever do. The vets have said in the past he is one of the bravest dogs they have seen and that he must be in constant pain. This was heartbreaking for us to hear so we want to do everything in our power that we can to raise the money to give him the very best life he so deserves and to actually know what it's like to be pain free.

Jasper has seen a whirlwind of support, and if you would like to be part of it, visit: