Firstly, I would like to remain anonymous but my concern is strong.

I am deeply concerned by the government’s plan to break promises made in the Withdrawal Agreement; an international treaty signed less than a year ago.

The Northern Ireland Secretary admitted this would break international law.

The Internal Markets Bill would renege on commitments made in the Good Friday Agreement and would set negotiations with Europe and the USA.

While it is encouraging to see pushback from parliament, proposed amendments do nothing to address these fundamental issues.

The Conservatives pride themselves on being the party of law and order, of economic stability and of the Union. Now the government is openly breaking international law and paving the way to a no-deal economic disaster. How can the Conservative and Unionist party jeopardise the hard-won peace in Northern Ireland?

The Prime Minister does not speak for ordinary Conservatives. He was elected to deliver a comprehensive, ‘oven-ready’ deal with Europe, which would help communities and businesses like mine. Polling by Best for Britain shows 90% of voters in the Red Wall want a deal.

Instead, his actions threaten not only the reputation of the Conservative Party, but the global reputation of the UK as a trustworthy nation.

A Barrovian