A COUPLE today celebrate their 62nd anniversary of a marriage that has been full of smiles, laughter, and adventures across the globe.

Audrey and George Manderson, aged 83 and 84, have lived in Barrow for the entirety of their married lives.

Dawn Greaves, their daughter, said: "They were married at St James Church in 1958 and then had their wedding reception at the Criterion which was located behind the town hall at the time.

"As a family we always just laugh together, and mum always has a smile on her face.

"They have three children, myself, Ralph, and Craig and eight grandchildren.

"Both of them are fit and active and have previously enjoyed travelling across the world.

"They have done road trips across America and Canada, and cruises around places such as Norway, Spain, and Venice to name juts a few.

"Dad used to work in the drawing offices at the Shipyard and was previously spent a lot of time in the territorial army.

"Mum worked in hospitality on the bar in Victoria Park Hotel and the Lisdoonie Hotel.

"They received a card from the Queen when they reached their 60th anniversary two years ago which was really special.

"They have lived at the same address in Barrow for their entire married lives on Highfield Road."

Two years after receiving a card from the Queen to celebrate 60 years of marriage, Audrey and George Manderson are still the loved up duo they have always been.

Audrey is a keen line dancer who walks everyday and George enjoys jigsaws and Masonic life, when they are permitted to do so, where he conducts charitable work and partakes in events.

George Manderson was born in Glasgow but moved to Barrow as a child where he eventually met his wife Audrey, and they have proved to be quite a match, keeping the magic alive more than six decades after they tied the knot.

To celebrate the occasion the proud grandparents are going out for meal with their friends after being told by their children that it is something they should go out and enjoy.