A TALENTED Cumbrian ex-contestant of 'Masterchef: the Professionals' has seen a huge amount of success in Ulverston with his unique style .

Mark Satterthwaite took over the Coach House at Ford Park back in June, rebranding it as ‘Base by Elite Dining’.

Combining the local farming industry and stunning coastline product with his knowledge and creativity, Mark is able to create products and dishes to satisfy your taste buds and appetite.

"The evening menu changes each week, and we take great pride in the food that we produce here," the 30-year-old said.

"We take advanced bookings and arrange the tables to fit the guests we have booked in for that evening.

"We do one sitting in the open so it is a bit more theatrical with the guests watching us plate up and serve.

"Everything that we serve apart from the our alcohol in Cumbrian.

"We work closely with Dan and Emma from Crakeside Meats and Chris Sanders from Lake District Lobster and Seafood.

"It is really just showing what South Lakes has to offer.

"All the menus are the same price at £34.95 for five courses."

The menu changes regularly and their website shows what upcoming menus will look like so you can book in for an occasion when one particular menu really takes your fancy. The team target anything that is in season and fresh at the time and create a menu from scratch, based off what they have on offer.

This innovative restaurant also provides great experience for junior chefs who get to constantly evolve their skills with an ever-changing menu to contend with, learning skills they could not get anywhere else.

Mr Satterthwaite, an Askam resident who was born and raised in Ulverston, said: "The support has been crazy to be honest.

"I have had customers come in who have followed me from my previous restaurants.

"Then we get some who are expecting a cafe and they are blown away by what we have done with the place."

Coming soon they have menu tastings which will focus on particular areas of South Lakes, one will have a Cumbrian coastal focus and the other will be based off foraging alone.

With an ever changing menu there is bound to be something for everyone at 'Base by Elite Dining' which is sure to keep going from strength to strength.

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