BARROW’S Market Street Car Park has been transformed into a drive-in cinema experience.

At the weekend, the car park area in the town centre became the makeshift site for a series of film screenings - spanning classic movies to family favourites.

Brought to the town by Experience Creators - with the business’ co-owner and managing director, Charlotte Ducie, being from Barrow - the drive-in movie venue saw the Market Street Car Park area closed after 5pm in order to make way for the 40ft screen.

The screening took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening - with Disney’s Moana kicking off proceedings and two musicals, The Greatest Showman and A Star is Born, wrapping up the four-night run.

Ms Ducie said she was bowled over by the turnout as well as the support from town businesses and residents.

She told The Mail at the weekend: “We’d initially thought about doing this in Manchester - but there were problems with getting permission, as well as there being a lot of other pop-events happening around the same time.

“ So we thought about doing it in smaller towns and, since I’m from Barrow, we thought it would be best to start things here.

“It’s gone really, really well. I think we’ve had a few people who were slightly sceptical about how it was going to be run, about the logistics of the screenings etc.

“But I think once people saw things on social media, their minds quickly changed - we had a lot of last-minute bookings.”

Ms Ducie said she intends to bring the screening back to Barrow in the coming months - with a series of Christmas screenings being considered (Covid-permitting).

“The feedback has all been really positive,” she said.

“Trolls and The Greatest Showman have been the most popular films we’ve shown so far - they’re about to sell out, actually.

“A lot of people are asking for another screening of Grease, too.

“We’ll hopefully stick in the North West but will be looking to bring the drive-in experience to similar-sized towns to Barrow. We’ll also be coming back to Barrow - we’ll look at Christmas options, definitely.

“We’ve partnered with some local businesses - including the Wet Rooms, Cumberland Building Society and Visit Barrow.

“Everyone’s been really nice and really supportive. It’s been really great to bring this to the town.”