Mail readers have reacted after community pharmacists in south Cumbria argued government support was more vital now than ever, as the sector reels from the impact of recent cuts and growing Covid-19 pressures.

According to a recent survey carried out by trade magazine The Pharmacist, the use of virtual consultations by GP practices has had a major impact on community pharmacy workload.

Two fifths of pharmacists said they have encountered patient safety incidents as a direct result of GPs’ ‘closed door’ policies.

Julie Clarke On my face to face appointment the GP was in full PPE. I said how bad it was that we have to have a phone appointment first and the reply was we have to protect ourselves. This time last year I had a flu jab on the 1st of September. They haven’t even started doing them yet. I am in the extremely clinical high risk group and the way things are going could be back in complete shielding soon. I would like it before that happens.

Deirdre Kerr I had my flu jab at Cohens last week

Ann Sim Blood tests being conducted outside. How is that a sterile clinical area?

Lauren Smith Easily got a face to face appointment at a Barrow practice for next week (after a phone call)

Tony Moon GPs need to start opening their doors.

Anne Walker Tony Moon totally agree because Covid is around we still have other illnesses

Merry Tong Tony Moon totally agree

Merry Tong What are these surgeries doing?

Vikki Elizabeth Currie I've been to the GP for blood tests

Vanessa Macdonald GPs should be long as people wear masks when there go to docs it should be safe

Anne Walker Vanessa Macdonald totally agree we still get other illnesses

Jeffery Chelton I totally agree the doctors should be open I phoned my GPs surgery to be told he his working from home would I speak to another doctor how can a doctor medically examine you over the phone. Not on