EVEN back in 2002 we always wanted to get more time at the gym and here’s how people in Barrow got it done.

It sounds so good as a New Year’s resolution - join the gym and get fit.

For the first few weeks you really take it seriously once you get back into the gym. Get those runs in, lift the weights, and put in the hard graft.

But then it gets to the end of January and the night are still cold, wet, and dark.

After the holidays, the daily routine of going to work starts to get you down.

Suddenly going to the pub or going home and hugging the fire are what you want to do mostly, not go and work out.

Going to the gym and then having to go home in the dark is an awful thought.

First you make an excuse for having a night off from exercise, then a second and the more days you have off the easier the excuses become.

But there are plenty for ways to keep with the programme.

In 2002 Cannons Health and Fitness Club personal trainer Scott Thompson recommended: “It can get a bit mad in the gym when the New York starts with people coming along.

“But something like 70 to 75 percent who decided to join the gym when the New Year start breaking their resolution in the first six weeks.

“What I always tell people is, if you think you are going to quit, write down all the points as to why and then the reasons why you shouldn’t.

“You will always find there are more reasons to stay with it than there are for giving up. Speak to your instructors, change your workout, or change your classes.

“You can even have some personal training sessions or combine everything together and you’ll find it is not boring.

“It is hard at the moment because everyone wants to do it which can make it difficult because you can’t get into classes.

“You need to book yourself in as early as possible and keep with it each time.

“If your class is booked out try the gym or the swimming pool to get the goals you want to achieve and to keep yourself going.”

Scott said he had seen people give up after five minutes.