The controversial new rule of six came into force today, in a bid to curb the rise in Covid-19 cases. Here the Mail reader's have had their say

Christopher Wilde: "So is that six people only in the supermarket, the office, the schools, universities, hospitals and prisons or is just at home."

Kelly MB: "Two people I know can't be bothered to self isolate for 14 days after being in contact with a positive case. They're treating it like a holiday and they work for the NHS! A lot of people stayed in for months. No wonder cases are rising. Pure selfishness and should know better."

Sue Thompson: "Kelly MB agree !people are taking the P out of it using it as holiday time of work while others are worked into the ground respecting the rules."

Stephen Snell: "And who's gonna police it. Covid Marshall's have no power unfortunately only to call the police..but they won't come. Short shrift is the reason Barrow is having more cases is because people have gone away on holiday to some Covid affected parts of the world and/or UK and bought it back here. Then went and socialised with people resulting in caseload we have now. I note that Cumbria health team know where these incidents originated..would they care to tell the ordinary worrying public???"

Christine Johnson: "Stephen Snell plus all the contractors going in and out of the town."

Stephen Snell: Christine Johnson yeah I know. Some of them are working on houses next to me."