BUSINESSES have seen a positive influx of customers now the schools have started back again, but they need to remember to social distance properly, an Ulverston councillor has said.

Dave Webster, town councillor for Ulverston has spoken about how the students at Ulverston Victoria High School returning has been a benefit to the local economy as the sixth-form students are able to go out for lunch and spend money in the town centre.

“Schools have gone back now which means there are more students in the town centre,” Cllr Webster said.

“They do need to remember to keep to social distancing measures.

“There are big groups going into town and they need to remember that social distancing rules should be strictly adhered to.

“This is especially the case if they are out in pods of ten or 12.

“This is a real benefit to the local economy though. Sandwich shops, cafes, and fish and chip shops in the town centre will be over the moon about it.

“But there is an increased risk of transmission for Covid because of this, which is why I want to remind them of this when they are out. “We need to economy to open up again, but we still need to take care. “There is also the added risk of them going home and passing it onto their family members.”

Under the new ‘rule of six’ guidance put in place yesterday, students are exempt due to being classmates, however

Cllr Webster is concerned about the transmission risks that come with having big groups going around.

Lake District Lobster and Seafood is one such outlet in Ulverston town centre that has seen an increase in footfall since the return of students. They sell sushi and snacks during the lunch hours that are especially popular with young people in the area.

Chris Sanders, owner of Lake District Lobster and Seafood, said: “We have definitely seen an increase since the schools have gone back, however when the new guidelines were announced we have now seen an increase in online orders once again.”