TWO eager teams are limbering up for a Cumbrian charity challenge with a difference.

For decades the arduous Keswick to Barrow Walk has attracted thousands of entrants raising money for a wide range of local and national causes.

This year Covid-19 restrictions mean the event has gone back to its 1967 roots of just two teams, one from Barrow shipyard, the other from the Royal Navy, competing for the Resolution Cup.

This year’s combatants are determined to put on a good show on September 26 and raise as much as possible for charity.

Leading the Royal Navy team is Petty Officer Wayne Dawson, a physical trainer, who isn't underestimating the challenge.

He said: “Seven of the 10 people in our team have never done it before. And the Navy have only won the cup once in the past 25 years. That’s why I want this challenge.

“The event is back to its original roots with two teams. I know in the past some of the Navy lads have not realised how tough the challenge is.”

In the other corner, BAE Systems Principal Designer Stewart Backen is a race veteran.

He said: “Our team’s current line-up has achieved 172 completed walks between them with one of the team having completed the walk 31 times himself.

“The Navy team will be younger and maybe fitter than us but we are hoping our experience will mean the shipyard winning that cup again this year.”

In a normal year the walk would generate around £350,000.

K2B Committee Chairman Craig Bland said: “It would be great to be in a position where we could still achieve this amount. Realistically we know this will be a stretch but we are still committed to raising as much money as possible in these challenging times.”

This year’s Resolution Cup will focus on raising money for: - Morecambe Bay Hospitals Charity - St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston - St John’s Hospice in Lancaster - Cancercare (North Lancs and South Cumbria) If more than £75,000 is raised there will be the potential for additional charities to benefit.

To donate go to the K2B website K2B Donate or texting K2B20 to 70970 to donate £5 or K2B20 to 70191 to donate £10).