Coronavirus has been on the agenda and in the news every day for months.

We've heard all about waves and curves in that time, first wave, big waves, curves, flattening the curve.

As a nation we did that, but after much talk it seems now there is a real threat of a second wave with a large rise in cases across the country.

It has also hit home in Barrow and across Cumbria with the amount of cases rising prompting health bosses to set up a taskforce to tackle local increases.

On whole, Cumbria health chiefs have said cases are still low, but they are higher than they have been for a while and that is a cause for concern.

The new maximum of six rule is being brought in and people can be fined. It very much feels a lot like it did in the lead up to the lockdown back in March.

We hope we don't have to go there and if people do abide by these new rules to prevent this approaching second wave, then hopefully we won't.

For many people these new measures, this new rise, is hard to swallow. This year has been tough enough as it is without Covid coming back around for another kick.

People will say it is ironic the government is putting these measures in place, after spending the last month urging people to 'eat out', and go out.

Everyone will have their say on these changes, but I'm sure people would rather be restricted to groups of six than face a full blown lockdown again.