AFTER a dominatrix went viral online last week after a lewd public performance, police have confirmed that they will not be investigating the matter.

Lydia Chadwick, also known as her dominatrix persona 'mistress Lydia, and her 'slave' were barred from an Ulverston pub on Sunday after she bound a woman to the rafters and spanked her repeatedly with a paddle.

Pub owner Phil Simpson had spoke about his disappointment that the act had occurred in his pub, and that police had queried him for more information after footage emerged online.

However, a spokesperson from Cumbria Police said: "This is not something the police are investigating."

Defending her actions to The Sun, Mistress Lydia said: “People should get out of the dark ages and accept this sort of behaviour. Most people are just treating it as a laugh.”

“She said she was coming up to the Lake District and we arranged to meet.

“She said she wanted to be publicly humiliated so I was going to take her to a local beauty spot where the walkers go.

“We thought we would give them something to laugh at. I did that for another customer before the lockdown.

“But we were running out of time and decided to go for a drink in The Mill in Ulverston, Cumbria.

“I was going to walk her on a dog lead, but she got embarrassed with everyone looking at us.

“We signed in and went to the roof terrace, where I chained her to the rafters.

“I blindfolded her and pretended to walk away and leave her as part of the humiliation. I was videoing it and we didn’t think anyone else could see. I then pulled up her skirt and paddled her. A couple of other people walked past to have a cigarette but didn’t seem to pay any attention.

“The next thing we knew the lads who were filming us told the bar staff who told us it was time to go home. It is the first time I have been out for a drink for six months and I end up getting barred.

“I didn’t mean to upset The Mill. We were just giving people a laugh. I didn’t think the Mill would be upset. I will apologise to them.”