A couple were barred from The Mill pub in Ulverston after a fetish video of them at the premises went viral on social media.

The Mail readers have taken to social media to have their say.

Christina Prout: "This is amazing."

Darren Barry-Sheene Atkinson: "They were “bound” to get caught."

Craig Boyd: "I don't see why they got banned.. Could of made a fortune from it."

Ian Lewis: "Only thing he could do was ban them..His hands are tied."

Katja Saskia Elizabeth: "Hahaha brilliant food for them, seen the video, bit half hearted if you ask me, I'd of gave it more umpth."

Harvey Dale: "Did they have a slap up meal?"

LA5909 hrs ago: "I never saw that on the specials board."

Notfarwrong: "So many people going out and getting absolutely caned."

Lightning Dave: "I hope they had a whip round for the performers."

Gheko: "Is that not the normal behaviour of Ulverston folk ?. No wonder the Sheep on Birkrigg are feeling left out."

NorthernPower: "What stars! It gives a whole new meaning to covid risk assessment."

Friend of the A590: "Ulverston is so funny!"

Thomas Mcguire: "Hahahahahahahahaha."

Becca Whyte: "the soundtrack though."

Stuart Metcalfe: "Can i have 2 pints and a good spanking ta."