It lives among us and it is now very much a mainstay in everyone's life in the UK and around the world.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus, whatever term people use, is a word that probably everyone in the country is seeing every single day.

It is something everyone is used to by now. When a new story comes out we're not surprised, but at the same time people can be forgiven for being fed up of it.

Some days we have good news about Covid, most days we have bad news.

That was the case in Barrow this week.

On the one hand, we've got news of a drive thru testing centre at the BAE site, something that has been called for previously, with some people having to travel 140 miles just for a test.

But as soon as we hear that good news, we have some news on the opposite end of the spectrum.

It is a warning from schools in the area that pupils are showing symptoms of the virus.

It is bad news, however, it was to be expected. It would have been ambitious to think all children returning to schools in the area would avoid symptoms of Covid.

This is the daily routine, we take the good and the bad. But overall, it seems that despite an increase in UK cases things are moving in the right direction.

Hopefully we'll start to have more good news and bad news as the months go on.

But as they say, you have to take the rough with the smooth.