Andrea Henry: "Bae are doing regular testing of all employees. If they didnt these people would be unknowingly walking round and passing it on. They are doing a lot more than most employers to keep the staff safe and working . The evening mail is not telling the whole story as usual."

Davina Gammack: "BAE are testing employees every week, if they weren’t doing tests the people testing positive with no symptoms could be on site not knowing they have it and potentially passing it on. Surely it’s good thing they are testing employees."

Kaila Matthews: "I think its great there testing as these would of possibly slipped the net, they could of been asymptomatic who knows!?"

Garry Glew: "Were these workers working on site or were some working from home? Were they all at the Barrow yard?"

Jimmy the truth: "A killer virus thats destroyed the economy and indirectly ruined peoples livelihoods and lives, so deadly you test positive for it, but in the meantime are perfectly healthy? Pull the other one and let us get back to normal !!! #CONvid19"

Carol Lomas: "Is this barrow"

Barrie Baz H Hetherington: "They are bound to go up, as the amount of people tested goes up."

Ian Lewis: "No second wave .3 deaths yesterday .3000 new cases."