I think it is safe to say many people have confidence in the police force around them in this country.

We have seen countless incidents and acts of heroism in recent years from our police force, and generally, in most parts of the country people are made to feel safe.

However as we have seen this week, the police cannot do things all on their own.

There always has been and always will be a need for people within society to do their bit and help the police.

By that I don't mean going around arresting people when you're not an officer, or pretending to be a police officer.

I mean in terms of intelligence, spotting crime and informing the police so they can bring an offender to court.

That is what we saw this week by a quick thinking EE member of staff in Barrow.

Last year, when he was repairing a man's phone, he noticed child images on the phone and immediately contacted the relevant person, his manager.

He then contacted the police who were able to attend the store, carry out the relevant inquiries and bring the man to justice for what he had stored on his phone.

But the moral of this is that without the good work of that EE staff member, these photographs may have gone unfound.

We all have a duty to report crimes when we see them taking place.