The death of anyone, in the work place, at home, is always tragic.

The death of a Barrow postman last month was one that left the local community shocked and those who work for the Royal Mail stunned.

Philip Bentham was a dedicated postman who served the community in Barrow for almost 30 years.

As one of the local posties, he will, I'm sure, been someone who brought smiles to the faces of those he delivered to, and will never be forgotten by those who loved him.

This week it has been confirmed that the Royal Mail has launched an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Bentham's death.

And the union for postal workers now wants a joint investigation, to see if there were any shortfalls in procedures with regards to this incident.

On the day Mr Bentham died the weather was extremely hot. No investigation has found that the heat is linked to the death.

However the Royal Mail has confirmed it is looking into changes around safety for its workers, and is supplying its workers with water bottles.

More information is sure to come out of this, but some comfort can be taken following this tragic incident.

Mr Bentham's legacy will live on through these changes the union are pushing for and and that the Royal Mail are making.

The Barrow postie won't be forgotten.