We've been hearing about the return to schools, the chopping and changing of rules and so many other things recently. So it must have finally been a relief this week when children did actually return to the classroom.

It has been six long months for many students since they last saw the inside of a classroom.

And although I'm sure there would have been some hoping they could have a little longer at time, most will have been delighted to get back to school and back to see some of their friends.

It has been an anxious time for everyone this summer. Leading up to the return to school it has probably no doubt been a worrying time for parents and teachers.

But above all it must have been a very worrying time for students.

Having six months out of the class, away from proper face to face teaching, will have an impact on some students, and as we have heard from experts, further absences from schools could have caused a real damage to children's educations.

So it was vital children went back this week.

All the confusion and the change of guidance in the days and weeks leading up to the return was hopefully a distant memory.

The main thing is students are now back in the classroom, back learning, and this week is another step towards normality.