Track and trace systems run by establishments such as pubs and restaurants have been hit and miss across the country.

We've heard stories of how some landlords haven't been doing the correct thing and haven't been taking details.

But as we have seen in today's Mail, there is a key and core reason behind why people need to take the trace and trace system seriously.

The Bridge in Dalton has acted extremely swiftly after one of their recent customers confirmed that they had tested positive for Covid-19.

They've passed the message on to others who have potentially come into contact with the positive person straight away, and have now closed their doors and are awaiting further guidance.

It shows that the system can work when applied properly, and it is an example of a pub leading by example.

Others need to take note of this, because it is in place to protect people and this quick step from The Bridge could very well have helped to stop a local spike or a bigger spread.

But on the other hand it hopefully won't put people off going out.

In these current times we are going to see cases in places we have been to.

But the way establishments can act swiftly when there is a positive case, should continue to put people are ease about going back out into society, and how acting responsibly can keep them safe in these uncertain times.