So the BBC will not allow the singing of Rule Britannia & Land Hope and Glory at the Last Night of the Proms.

This is because it might offend black, Asian and ethnic minorities

What about the majority of the White British population that would like to sing those songs, don’t they matter?.

It seems that our right to the freedom of speech only exists if we do not offend others.

That in itself is very subjective. I could not care less the colour of a persons skin or what their sexual preferences are, so long as they do not accuse me of being a racist or homophobic if I criticise them.

It seems now that if an individual of one of theses groups is criticised they will use the racist or homophobic claim as their first line of defence.

There is no reason why we cannot all get on with one another with tolerance, understanding and a sense of humour.

As far as the BBC is concerned why should we have to pay a licence fee to support such an organisation that is against the freedom of speech.

Like it or not the BBC are now are becoming our rulers, dictating what we can & cannot do.

We should have the right not to have to support such a dictatorial organisation.

Digby C. Hodgson

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